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4-Week College Life Skills Series

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14 Seats available
Price $595.00
Instructor: Chef Instructor
Location: 8690 Washington Blvd

4-Week College Life Skills Series

April 18,2020 – May 9, 2020


Location: 8690 Washington Blvd


College Life Skills Series is designed to increase student knowledge and skills for everyday cooking. Teaching students how to cook is one of the best things you can do to prepare them for independent living.

Class 1: Cooking Methods I: Basic Knife Skills, Quick Morning Meals in under 10 minutes

Class 2: Smart Shopping and List Making; Essentials; Sticking to a Budget

Class 3: Cooking Methods II: Easy, Nutritious Meals for Lunch and Dinner

Class 4: Sticking to It! Worksheet & Final class project


*Everything is provided, including recipes, kitchen tools, aprons, and ingredients.

*Comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes are required.



Events in this Series:

Life Skills Week 1

Life Skills Week 1Saturday, April 18  10:00AM

Week 1: Cooking Methods I: Introduction to your Life Skills Kit; Basic Knife Skills and Tool Orientation; Quick Morning Meals in Under 10 minutes; Power Breakfasts; Pre-Work Out Snacks

Meals: HOT and COLD Oatmeal (overnight oats, stovetop oats); On-the-Go Smoothies; Impossibly Quick Scrambled Eggs; Coffee v. Tea v. Yerba Matte

Life Skills Week 2

Life Skills Week 2  Saturday, April 25  10:00AM

Week 2: Smart Shopping and List Making; Essentials; Sticking to a Budget

Essentials list: salt/pepper, spices, what oil to buy, sauces, butter... 

Life Skills Week 3

Life SkillsWeek 3Saturday, May 2  10:00AM

Week 3: Cooking Methods II: Easy, Nutritious Meals for Lunch and Dinner; Food Storing Tips; Seasoning Tips; Safe Food Temperatures for Protein; How to Check - Is it Really Expired?; Pan v. Oven Cooking of Meat; Sautéing Vegetables; Boiling Water for Pasta/Rice/Grains; Quick and Easy Sauces and Salad Dressings.

Meals: Students will be guided through creating a meal that involves veggies, grains, and a protein (vegan and vegetarian alternatives will be discussed). 

Life Skills Week 4

Life SkillsWeek 4Saturday,  May 9 10:00AM

Week 4: Sticking to It! Worksheet & Final class project

Chef Jones will discuss how to stick to a meal prep plan, budget and diet. Each student will fill out a personalized worksheet about their own diet goals, daily college routine, and how they will plan they can stick to for themselves. 

Last part of class will be a casual competition where students work in pairs to complete a randomly assigned meal to apply the skills they’ve learned.